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Mystix London’s number one purpose is to fill your home with lovely fragrances. These are an efficient, elegant and safe way to fragrance any room.

Essential Oil Reed Diffusers

Delightfully scented Reed Diffusers which are produced with a combination of only the best essential oils. Wonderful and long-lasting scents which we are sure you’ll come back to time and time again.

Fragrance Oil Reed Diffusers

Fragrance Oil scented Reed Diffusers allowed us a bigger scope when it came down to the extravagancies of the scents we could create. They are made from an undeniably beautiful selection the finest fragrance oils, I’ll be surprised if these Reed Diffusers aren’t sitting at the top of your shopping list

Essential Oil Blend Reed Diffusers

Putting it simply, these are Reed Diffusers with a purpose. They contain our reputable essential oil blends which are an alternative to medical remedies. Depending on the desired outcome, the oils found in each blend is carefully picked to aid an individual. These Reed Diffusers have been made using only the finest ingredients available.

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