Snake - Chinese Zodiac Essential Oil Blend


The Snake comes in at the sixth position. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Snake are seductive, generous, charming, good with money, analytical and insecure. They often rely on their gut feelings, are hard-working and intelligent. This blend contains oil to help enhance the characteristics of the Snake!


Contains: Clove Bud (Syzygium Aromaticum), Eucalyptus Peppermint (Eucalyptus Dives), Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Dulce), Lemon (Citrus Limonum), Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) and Ylang-Ylang 3rd (Cananga Odorata).


This the 10ml bottles come in a presentation box with instruction leaflet included.



Snake - Chinese Zodiac Essential Oil Blend | Mystix London

  • The blend can be applied to the base of the feet for absorption, the nape of the neck and can also be inhaled. Always dilute before use.

  • Never use pure oils on the skin without diluting, never use internally, keep away from children and eyes, always check if there are any medical issues which could cause a problem. Seek help if you have any doubts.