Fresh Linen & Cucumber Bath Salt 350g


Mystix Bath Salts are handcrafted with a beautiful medley of classic Epsom, Dead Sea Mineral and Himalayan Pink Salts, infused with delicious Fragrant Oils and Organic Jojoba. Designed to cleanse, soften and help you unwind.


Ingredients: Dead Sea Mineral Salt, Epsom Fine Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Dendritic Salt, Organic Jojoba, Polysorbate 20, Mica and Parfum.


Warnings: Not to be used for more than 20 minutes at a temperature of 37 - 42°C. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant seek medical advice before use. For external use only. Avoid getting into the eyes. If you do, rinse well with cool, clean water.


Store in a dry place.


Fresh Linen & Cucumber Scented Oil Bath Salt | Mystix Bath Salts


In order to get all-important benefits, you need to learn to use bath salts properly. It is no rocket science though.


  • Simply fill the tub about halfway and pour bath salts into it. Hold your hand under the faucet to let the salts fall into the tub. This will ensure that the fragrance of bath salts combines with the steam and relaxes your nerves. Since the bath salts usually dissolve quickly in hot water, you may have to pour a couple of handfuls of bath salts before you soak yourself into the water.
  • You can also use bath salts for exfoliation. For this, you need to take Mystix Bath Salts and add some water to it to make a paste. Apply it over your skin and rub to make it look smooth and fresh.
  • Do not extend your bath because extended baths can help with muscle soreness but may leave your skin dry