Essential Oil Blends

Mystix Essential Oil Blends are an alternative to medical remedies which can be used to combat the symptoms of many ailments, both physical and mental. These blends are tailor made with only the customer in mind. Whatever problems you may be facing, you are not alone. Mystix Essential Oil Blends are here to help.

Scented Oil Blends

Mystix Scented Oil Blends contain unique rich and punchy fragrances to fill any room. They are made from the highest grade of essential and fragrant oils that will last time and time again. Each bottle has its own intriguing blend with unusually complex layers making them both weird and wonderful at the same time. Can be used in soaps, candles, reed diffusers, perfumes, etc. They may not be the average run of the mill fragrances, but we are certain you will love them just as much as we do.

Essential Oil Blends Gift Packs

Mystix oil packs contain five of our essential oil blends in one convenient and excellent value for money gift set. Why tackle one problem when you can tackle five at the same time? Each pack includes a diverse selection of oils to combat a variety of issues. Mystix London graciously welcomes you to the 21st Century, essential oil blends are the future.

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